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Mudigi Project

Mission:  Convert valuable news & information to migrating audiences from local newspaper print & delivery to digital, free and convenient platforms to boost publisher profits by up to 20X. 

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The Mudigi project seeks to maximize the conversion of subscribers by 80% of the entire circulation target area for each newspaper throughout the United States. 

Prove Circulation


The provable 80% subscription rate of target circulation area for each newspaper is achieved through superior technology by Mudigi at absolutely no extra cost or burden to each newspaper.

Increase Revenue


There is NO INITIAL COST. Mudigi seeks to earn 6% of the advertising sales for the entire publication and in return, to increase ad revenues by 5X to 20X within one quarter. 

A Comprehensive Look at Mudigi


 An outsourced white-labeled news video production company with proprietary marketing and targeting technology would allow local newspapers to thrive and even surpass television news in reach and revenue, without disruption to its existing infrastructure.

A no-cost conversion of news packaging into micro digital videos representing each story would allow accurate, verifiable delivery that meets the modern media dietary demand of technologically migrated audiences to maximize the critical value of each newspaper to each community served. Leveraging each newspaper’s credibility, earned via bona fide news agency, into realigned incentive, creates mutually beneficial priority with newer media delivery platforms, maximizing technologies for audience targeting, capture, marketing and advertising. 

Placing news on media delivery platforms is a start, but the benefits are lost to: 1) Inappropriate media packaging to audience expectations; 2) Negative community interaction by continued delivery of unwanted printed newspapers; and; 3) Ineffective use of powerful technologies convertible into high ad-rev yields.

Converting existing news articles for newspapers into white-labeled video news ledes, with direct community targeting, creates a mobile friendly video that demands attention, and calls to action, the stakeholders in the community served by each newspaper. Utilizing external audience targeting technology with ad engines in place on existing post-migration media platforms, virtually every person in each community served by the newspaper will be reached with each article. Every call to action is to click video to learn more after a powerful, informative headline or alert is presented. 

All videos are linked to the newspaper’s website where articles are placed in preferred format, however, advertiser’s ads in various formats can be placed around additional articles or videos as well as sponsoring each particular article or video. Video News Ledes may also be directed into other platform videos with advertiser’s ads attached to it.

Think You've Tried This Before? Think Again

Placing news on media delivery platforms is a start, however the benefits are lost to: 1) Inappropriate media packaging to audience expectations; 2) Negative community interaction by continued delivery of unwanted printed newspapers; and; 3) Ineffective use of powerful technologies convertible into high ad-rev yields. 

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 News & information digestion has come to rely almost exclusively on the internet with television as a secondary method, which cable and satellite primarily feed nationally homogenized channels. Provision of news through traditional means is diminishing at a catastrophic rate with the greatest decline in local and regional news delivery since the inception of the United States, however this is due strictly to the method of delivery; Not the value of the local newspaper to its community. The base survival of local news organizations is permitted, if barely, by the need for legitimate, verified and consistent news and information critical to the communities they serve. 

"Provision of news through traditional means is diminishing at a catastrophic rate..."

Whether or not news periodicals will continue to run presses and deliver their periodicals in printed form on paper, it is clear that the average person chooses the convenience of news and information receipt by electronic format. However, the explosion of options of mediums to receive information has reduced to competition of time consumption of viewers over networks which offer convenience to consumers and every organization of every size to compete for viewer time as well. 

Most newspapers that have attempted to slowly migrate onto social media have only suffered embarrassment and loss of credibility as these mediums provide a public forum to lodge complaints of unsolicited litter being given to them which cause a loss of credibility to advertisers vital to the survival of these very important news agencies. Further embarrassment has been experienced by low numbers of reach of their agency’s articles which are also quite public. 

The costs to bridge the gap between old tech and modern reach have been challenging and news agencies that went into debt to overhaul their technology to meet demands of their audience, didn’t account for Moore’s law, nor did their lenders and investors tell them about it. 

The present state of local newspapers is despair, with the bravest news leaders left with few choices: 1) Shut down the agency or try and sell it, the cruelest of which whither into nothingness; 2) Merge or be annexed into a larger organization, or; 3) Embrace technology with the Mudigi solution and not only survive, but thrive. 



  The Mudigi method is simple and synchronizes its components according to clear incentive for each stakeholder within each transaction to accomplish the overall agenda. The Agenda is to revalidate newspaper credibility within its community for the value of its agency for its information accuracy as a valuable contribution and accelerate its revenues by easier advertising sales from demonstration of clear ubiquity and customer targeting and reach. 

Mudigi provides two critical components to achieve this agenda: 1) Packaging of each agency’s indigenous and proprietary news content into an attractive, micro digital video format for omni publishing to all platforms, and; 2) Geo targeting the audience of each agency to place white-labeled news videos in front of targeted audience individually by interest or general within their preferred medium of news & information exchange. 

Mudigi will provide specific analytics to excite advertisers by providing extremely rich data of not only article views, but who read which article(s), without filling in forms, and when they read each article. 

Mudigi will not charge an upfront fee nor even a service fee for its execution. Mudigi earns six percent of advertising revenues as recorded within the P&L and Cash Flow statement of each agency in retention of mudigi’s services.


1. News Agency


Each Agency partnered with mudigi will continue their local coverage of news and events without interruption. At the agency’s preference, articles and news stories may be sent to Mudigi, under embargo, to have a 7 to 13 second video lede announcement produced to alert the served community of the new information in the form of an article or video story published at time of embargo release.

News Blurbs announcing the news and information in under sixty seconds will also be produced. 

2. Micro Video Lede


All videos will be professionally filmed and cut to simply announce the headline in a manner which personally entices the targeted audience as a stakeholder to such information, to retrieve more information at the promise of benefit for retrieving it. 

When the Audience is hooked, a call to action is made to click the video. Upon the action (clicking the video), the target audience will be directed to the Agency’s website where the story is available, for free (recommended). Each Agency may elect to set links that lead back to any web property preferred by the agency and may be changed at the request of the agency. 

3. Audience Targeting


Mudigi provides targeting and delivery technologies for each micro video news lede and blurb to ensure placement in front of every member of each community. 

Geo-targeting- Mudigi utilizes geofencing and other techniques to identify potential audience based on behavior and locations visited.  This allows mudigi to identify likely candidates for any type of article and advertisement campaign based on product or service being sold by each newspaper’s advertising client. Each audience type is identified by behavior beyond demographics. 

Initial Audience sculpting takes 24 to 72 hours however categorically identified audiences will be updated automatically and popularized content will encourage existing audiences to share with friends and family over their platforms. As audiences develop within categories already set by the news agency, identified audiences can be categorized further into tiers of interest for greater impact of breaking news or advertisers who pay to play. 

4. Distribution to Target Audience


When audiences are sculpted, a vehicle designed to get the attention of each person within an audience is necessary. Mudigi produces quick, professional video news ledes for each article as the advertisement, which will be placed in front of everyone that utilizes a popular web application from google, including google news reader and youtube, facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and many more. 

Each Micro Digital Video will be placed on Social media with privately targeted audiences as described in Audience targeting, that will be created for each local news agency. This may be accomplished through each local news agency’s social media or through Mudigi’s, or both (recommended). 

5. Conversion of Audience


Mudigi will upload each micro digital video to all relevant platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and many more, all with the click of a button. 

When the video is in position on all platforms, the targeted audience will be selected and pushed toward them the audience. 

Presentment of 1- 10 videos per day will ultimately attract every member of each agency’s local community. As audience members interact, additional information is collected on each audience member with various audience groupings stored for benefit of advertisers.

Videos are then distributed to the audiences of each local news agency over the platforms that their audiences are utilizing to get their information. All Videos are mobile driven however, will be placed on all platforms such as Google platforms, FB, Twitter, etc.

The major advantage of meeting the audience over the digital platform is that 1) audiences will click to learn more if they have a clear stake in the article which builds traffic to local news agency site; 2) community commentary is instant and helps to share the videos (news articles), and; 3) many people utilize multiple platforms.

6. Aggregate Data for Ad Revs


All traffic and interaction-type data is collected and aggregated in a dashboard which serves to prove audience participation based on each article published by the agency. Display to advertisers is convenient and interaction with the community as a trusted authority is valuable to businesses. 

Additional ad space is created with greater value such as lead capture for advertisers. Further, the packaging of advertisers for distribution over the agency’s network will increase in type as ads may be placed in static, dynamic or video formats from replay to live interaction with the advertiser. 


Case Uses

  • News and information, from breaking news to updates for ongoing stories, may be made at any time.
  • Reclaiming classified power will be easier as recommended items according to specified audiences can be made to include ‘Hot Item’ “only available for a short time” to the best deal advertised today.
  • Obituaries may be made with sincere announcement and arrangements and be highly appreciated by the community.
  • Editorials and invitations to comment, as well as respond. 
  • Business ledes should be produced to keep community informed and added support to advertisers. 
  • Human Interest- From internal promo vids elevating the appreciation of staff, to community leaders, letting the community into the drama of people’s lives can be absolutely captivating and involving.
  • International, National and State news is a great way to keep your audience coming to you and most articles and coverage is already in place, creating additional ad space.
  • All Ledes can be duplicated in multiple languages to engage all audiences.
  • Apps for local news by your brand can be easily and affordably made to better serve the modern subscriber.
  • Timelines and deadlines can be modified to better keep the community informed. Whether printing presses are stopped or not, deadlines and articles can be changed to create new dynamics in the timing of news and information delivery. 

Micro News Videos will be appreciated most if they pertain to the present as opposed to yesterday. 



Freedom in America is information. 

Informing each and every citizen news relevant to their community is critical to the democratic management of our republic. An uninformed citizenry of local and regional activity creates an unacceptable vulnerability of American infrastructure susceptible to the agendas of a few organized societies. 

Local, Bona fide news agencies make America Healthy! Individual consciousness contributing decisive power to our republic’s integrity is only as strong as its access to valid, vetted and true information. Local News Agencies are the last sentinel facilitating the democratic process as set in stone by the first amendment! 

The inhibitors preventing our greatest defenders of the first amendment are 1) financial constraint to maintain a failing infrastructure of print and delivery to new technologies; 2) costs of delivery over new mediums due to unbalanced equilibrium of message delivery demand; and 3) a lack of funding to bridge the gap of new technology demand and education to expert news packaging. 

Cost effective Conversion of information delivery over new platforms is necessary to survive and opportunity to thrive. Migration to freely available and ubiquitous platforms with easily available delivery and conversion data is essential to success. 

Disruption of existing operational infrastructure is not necessary to achieve instantaneous success to market delivery with exception to printing and delivery operations. 

Leveraging Mudigi’s out-sourced, white-label news platform permits instant conversion of indigenous and proprietary news articles & stories, into short video news ledes, designed to grab attention and reestablish leadership and authority in the market of valid and valuable information delivery to each resident within a news agency’s target circulation zone. 

Local newspapers may utilize technologies to maximize their power of news development within their communities and surpass the revenues that television ever dreamed of. This is possible due to existing advertising sales of each organization and advertising engines that have been placed within each platform as well as conversion of advertisers on proprietary ad engines developed by each news paper under their own proprietary apps. 

The conversion of proprietary delivery methods with full subscription of most citizens within a served area of each local newspaper may be achieved within as little as 90 days.  



News organizations will continue to chronicle local life and business. 

Each news article will be sent at publishing or before to Mudigi under embargo, to create videos designed to reach viewers over platforms that they utilize. 

Recipients will be intelligently targeted and delivered to over standardized platforms. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsap, Telegram, Google News Reader, etc. 

Each recipient will be teased and enticed as sensationally permitted by each agency, then encouraged to click for more information, which will lead to a web-based property managed by each news organization. The Agency’s website or other web distribution points may be channeled depending on agency preference and audience behavior.

Clicks, views, time in view, return views, shares, etc. will be aggregated and deliverable to each news organization via dashboard, shareable with advertising partners and constituency of each news organization. 

Newspapers may instantly bridge the gap between market migration and maximize their value within their communities, building stronger interactive communities and acceptance for their place in the American community infrastructure which is immoveable. 

Most platform community builder attempts by newspapers are marred with complaints of citizens who claim to not have ordered the paper that they now consider litter, which debases the circulation credibility with advertisers. 

Mudigi’s outsourced news desk white labeled for each news organization and intelligent recipient delivery system recover credibility between newspapers and their advertisers, while satisfying the demand of news and information delivery to their audience. 

Audience increase through acceptable delivery of valuable information direct and the communities built digitally for each news organization will increase advertising revenue due to better placed intelligence of advertisement targeted to each advertiser as well as superior packaging for each advertising method. 

Views, clicks and conversions are all verifiable. Deeper knowledgebase of recipients along with greater interactive opportunity will drive revenues for newspapers to increases as much as 5X to 25X while reducing operational costs and attrition rates. 


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